Noor Syahirah

She resigned from her previous Job in the hunt of better and suitable Job. She took our ASP.Net Training which lead her to Infopro Sdn Bhd as a System Engineer. She got shortlisted by the Company while she was in the Training

Gan Hao Qing

Gan Hao Qing was a brilliant student but he was struggling to find a good company which can not only absorb him as a programmer but could give him a career path.He found what he was looking for through City Labs withi 3 weeks.

K. Sujayndra Kumar

Sujay walked in with a biig ? in mind whether he would be able to become a good programmer or not because he was not from IT background. But today with his determination and City Labs unique coaching methodoloy brought him to his dream success and today he is working as a Programmer  

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